Medfiles: Usage and costs of Specialized Health Care

Data editing and visualization

With data visualization a medical district helps its member municipalities to identify the costs related to produced services and to find the diagnosis groups causing the service needs. The aim of the visualization service is to provide municipalities relevant information about their service usage and to help the municipalities to prepare for upcoming changes and scenarios in future, when the population is ageing and their proportional service needs increase.

With our solution medical district can communicate with its member municipalities flexibly and dynamically. Iteratively updated foresight model helps the municipal administration to make better decisions with better information.

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Reference link - Keskisuomalainen 16.2.2016 (in Finnish)

The aim is to obtain information that helps to reduce problems and need for care and to start getting control over this problem. Obtaining the information is the first step and a perquisite for pondering over what could be done. The municipalities have been very interested in our new way of visualizing information and the foresights it produces - Asko Rytkönen, KSSHP. Kuntalehti 22.5.2015

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