Teosto: Open API and Interactive Gig Map

Data editing, visualization and Application programming interface

Teosto's live data includes all of the live events reported to Teosto by event organizers, performers and services that provide event information. Together with Teosto we cleaned and organized the data and based on the cleaner data we created an interactive visualization and Application programming interface.

Teosto gig map shows how many live events there were in Finland and where the events were. We've also compared the number of events to the population. You can view the public version of the map here:

Teosto Open API is an easy-to-use API and documentation for developers. It includes all of the live events reported to Teosto, venues, songs, performers and so on. As extra, we also included information on region, municipality and venue levels to help the developers get something more out of the data.

You can find the API here:

Images from the project:

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